Snake Venom: Medicinal Capabilities of Snake Venom (Snake Venom Botox,Snake Venom Cures Cancer,Snake Venom Beer)



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The Benefits Many Don’t Know About By Author MD Peter Franklin Snake Venom is actually poisonous secretions that are secreted by the oral glands and the fangs of snakes. It has been discovered that the snakes’ secreted venom is composed of certain elements which help in the healing process. On deeper analysis and research, the snakes’ Venom is actually collected and injected for medical purposes.
What you’ll learn in this book:
•Snakes’ world
•Composition of the snake venom
•Snake venom used in medicines
•Snake venom effects on human body
•Experiences of the people with the snakes
•And much more!!!

I came to know that the snakes which cause secretions are only four out of eleven families in which snakes are classified. These snakes do not have grinding teeth to crush their prey into tiny pieces so they produce the poisonous secretions known as snake venom to paralyze, incapacitate, disable or kill their catch. These venom also act in a defending process that are secreted through the fangs, whenever the snakes feel threatened they try this to defend themselves and we have been reported that the human encounters with such snake behavior have resulted in much distress, their venom had exposed their body to several reactions and especially eye damage is mostly reported.
These venomous snakes are greatly feared, they are considered as the bad boys of school. They were thought to be devastating until deeper studies which opened our eyes that nothing in this world is done without any reason. The venom of snakes has been examined as a healing product as they are proved to be beneficial for many different human disorders and illnesses.
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