TCA PHARMA Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence – Theory – BP505T – SEM-V for B. Pharmacy – 2020 Edition



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Unit – I Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940 and its Rules 1945: Objectives, Definitions, Legal definitions of schedules to the Act and Rules Import of drugs – Classes of drugs and cosmetics prohibited from import, Import under license or permit. Offences and penalties. Manufacture of drugs – Prohibition of manufacture and sale of certain drugs, Conditions for grant of license and conditions of license for manufacture of drugs, Manufacture of drugs for test, examination and analysis, manufacture of new drug, loan license and repacking license. (Chapter 1) Unit – II Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940 and its rules 1945: Detailed study of Schedule G, H, M, N, P,T,U, V, X, Y, Part XII B, Sch F and DMR (OA) Sale of Drugs – Wholesale, Retail sale and Restricted license. Offences and penalties Labeling and Packing of drugs – General labeling requirements and specimen labels for drugs and cosmetics, List of permitted colors. Offences and penalties. Administration of the Act and Rules – Drugs Technical Advisory Board, Central drugs Laboratory, Drugs Consultative Committee, Government drug analysts, Licensing authorities, controlling authorities, Drugs Inspectors (Chapter 1) Unit – III Pharmacy Act – 1948: Objectives, Definitions, Pharmacy Council of India; its constitution and functions, Education Regulations, State and Joint state pharmacy councils; constitution and functions, Registration of Pharmacists, Offences and Penalties (Chapter 2) Unit – IV Study of Salient Features of Drugs and Magic Remedies Act and its Rules: Objectives, Definitions, Prohibition of certain advertisements, Classes of Exempted advertisements, Offences and Penalties (Chapter 5) Unit – V Pharmaceutical Legislations:



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